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A Tested and Trusted Point-Of-Care UVC Device for N95 Mask Decontamination

  • There is an urgent need to decontaminate and reuse N95 respirator masks due to supply chain shortages

  • Health care workers want a decontamination method that is well studied, proven and safe and that allows them to control and reuse their own masks

  • UVC is the only rapid, point-of-care means for personal mask decontamination

  • Small clinics, physician offices, rural hospitals and long term care facilities have the greatest need for small scale decontamination devices

  • Blossom is led by acclaimed inventors with a successful history in the photobiology space and are advancing a product to solve this healthcare need 

Dr. Rox Anderson
The team at Blossom Innovations, led by Inventor Hall of Fame member and head of the Wellman Center for Photomedicine, Dr. Rox Anderson, have created the LightifectUVC. This point-of-care device is being engineered in response to the urgent need of decontaminating N95’s and the desire of healthcare professionals to control their own masks. With a deep understanding and history in Photobiology, Blossom Innovations is using stringent FDA recommended testing standards for bacterial spore reduction, and are ensuring that mask fit and performance are not compromised. If you have interest in learning more about LightifectUVC or would like to be added to the ongoing mailing list, please click below.

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