Our Companies & Assets

Discover the leading edge of our extraordinary pipeline: our advanced dermatology assets and the independent companies bringing these leading breakthroughs to commercial launch.

Propelling our pipeline to the market

Our most advanced energy-based skin health platforms are currently being prepared for launch by independently-funded companies purpose-built to commercialize assets developed at Blossom Innovations. Led by experienced commercial teams, and with our founders as active leaders, R2 Technologies and AVAVA, Inc. are currently advancing two of our leading platforms to success in thriving global markets.

Simultaneously, we’re internally pursuing the launch of a breakthrough injection targeting system through our wholly-owned company S3Inject, using our own robust in-house product development resources.

More groundbreaking advances are taking root

Inspired and guided by our SEED principles, we’re actively developing a remarkable range of disruptive innovations in dermatology and beyond. Check back soon or follow our News & Insights for the latest developments in our pipeline, companies, and dermatology market.