Innovation Studio

Disciplined research. Interdisciplinary problem-solving. Boundless exploration. Discover the extraordinary collaboration that drives product discovery and development at Blossom Innovations.

Our extraordinary discoveries start here

An exceptional team of scientists, engineers, and post-doctoral research fellows, our Innovation Studio is the hub of engine of product discovery and development at Blossom Innovations. Together, they harness our deep physical and life science expertise to turn those groundbreaking insights into therapeutic breakthroughs.

And like any blossom, those breakthroughs begin with a catalyst: our SEED. 

Our Studio’s guiding principles

They inspired our founders’ transformative innovations in patient care, and today they continue to spark our thinking and shape the way we work.


Scientific integrity

Our deep understanding of tissue biology and commitment to rigorous, cutting-edge science are fundamental to the way we innovate.


Engineering excellence

We seamlessly integrate life and physical sciences, enabling us to translate novel clinical insights into technologically empowered clinical breakthroughs.


Endless Curiosity

We are clinicians and scientists, engineers and researchers — experts who collaborate without limits and explore without boundaries to solve clinical problems.


Dedication to patients

With every discovery we pursue, we have one single, unwavering focus: creating clinical breakthroughs that solve clinical problems and improve patients’ lives.

State-of-the-art studio facilities

Our distinct approach to innovation finds fertile ground at the new Blossom Innovations R&D center in the greater Boston area. 

Opened in 2019, our facilities were designed to harness science, engineering, and curiosity to solve patients’ and physicians’ most complex clinical challenges. They provide our innovators with access to a full spectrum of cutting-edge, interdisciplinary resources.

Dynamic collaborations. World-renowned mentors.

In our Innovation Studio, researchers, clinicians, and engineers unite their skills every day to explore new solutions to patients’ unmet needs and pursue potential new breakthroughs in clinical care. Their discoveries and insights fuel the future of our company and pipeline. 

They’re guided by some of the most renowned experts and entrepreneurs in Dermatology. Nearly a decade after launching Blossom Innovations, Drs. Richard “Rox” Anderson, Dieter Manstein, Henry Chan, and Irina Erenburg — and the principles that guided their success — remain actively involved with our Innovation Studio from concept to clinical feasibility.

Current focus areas:
Where SEED is taking root

In our Innovation Studio, truly transformative discoveries always start by defying bias, breaking boundaries, and integrating insights from across disciplines and domains. The result: a diversified, continually evolving set of research programs and early-stage R&D efforts in dermatology and beyond.

SEED Word Cloud Graphic

Nurturing innovation: Our postdoctoral research fellowships

At the core of our Innovation Studio is a growing and dynamic team of research Fellows. Drawn from a variety of academic backgrounds, and from institutions around the world, these rising researchers play a key role in powering our engine of innovation. 

We’ve designed our postdoctoral research fellowships to attract, engage, and develop remarkable research talents and to provide unparalleled opportunities for cutting-edge R&D in a multidisciplinary environment.

  • Diverse focus areas
    Our Fellows collaborate on projects that span multiple research domains across life and physical sciences.
  • Renowned mentors:
    Our fellowship program fosters direct collaboration with our founders, industry experts, and leading scientists and clinicians.
  • Publication opportunities:
    As part of their Postdoctoral program, Blossom Fellows are encouraged to publish in leading journals and present at conferences.
  • Advanced resources:
    Blossom Fellows have full access to our state-of-the-art laboratory, clinic, and R&D facilities.

Ready to see your ideas blossom?

Get in touch with our team to learn more about our career and fellowship opportunities with our Innovation Studio.